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The Truth Is In The Echo- a fic by taintedidealist / art by abandonedangel85


A string of murders in Storybrooke point toward Regina, but Emma is struggling to believe that the Mayor has turned into the murderous Evil Queen again. Against the town’s wishes Emma works with Regina to clear her name and find the true killer. Spoilers: Set after 2x09 “Queen of Hearts and re-imagines large plot points of 2x10 “A Cricket Game”. No Hook. No Cora. That dried up bean just didn’t get restored, darn.


Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence

Thank you for making the art to go along with this abandonedangel85, thank you again for picking out my story.

Thank you to the moderators of SQBB, my troupe of friends allowing me to talk vaguely about this story for the summmer, and my beta k8eistrouble for arguing with me, laughing with me, and making this story what it turned into.

I wrote a thing.


Smoke and Mirrors - a fic by taintedidealist / art by mippippippi


1930s AU: (No Real Magic, No FTL) As a teenager Regina flees her mother’s dangerous control with a promise of protection from Mr. Gold and his traveling circus. Now an adult and the top-billed ‘Fire Queen’, Regina struggles to draw in a paying crowd during the height of the Dust Bowl. The new addition of Emma Swan as an animal keeper manages to shake up the circus family in more ways than one. In a time where dreams turn to dust and jazz gives way to blues, will Cora finally catch up to her daughter or has Regina never actually managed to escape?


This story was inspired by the artwork found here Smoke and Mirrors Art by Mippippippi’s AO3 Profile and tumblr at Mippippippi Tumblr

I have not had the pleasure to watch Carnivále yet, but know that it is set at the same time and type of place. Any similarities will just make me happy to hear about and realize I really need to watch it finally.

I wrote a thing.






One common misconception people have about bisexual people is that the abbreviation “bi” is short for “bisexual”, when really it stands for “Black Island”, the place where all bisexual people are born and raised by pirates. All bisexual people are pirates. Run

did you mean



As a bisexual, I can confirm the accuracy of this post.

I assume
can confirm this.

Why you be thinking International Talk Like a Pirate Day be vastly important to me, aye?

But alas, when we get to the season finale, all of Emma’s “no”-s over the course of an entire season turn into a “yes.” She spends the whole episode flirting with him, at complete odds to her previous behavior, and then they make out.

"There are a couple of ways to interpret this. One is that, while her words were saying “no” over and over again, what she meant the whole time was “yes”—and indeed, there were a few moments where they made the acting choice to have her eyes flicking to his lips when they were speaking and other similar instances as a subtext under the maintext of “no.” Under this model, “no” really does mean “yes,” and Hook was not obligated to take that explicit verbal disinterest as “no” and in fact ultimately justified in doing so. (Version A)

Alternately, it could be because, while Emma did really mean “no” at the time, she changed her mind. This could be because he wore her down (Version B). It could be because she was moved by his sacrifice of his beloved ship (the Jolly Roger) and thought that, much like when he saved her father, it deserved a reward (Version C). It could be because she thought that if he gave something up for her she should give something up to him (Version D).

Versions A and B are Rape Culture. Versions C and D are The Traffic in Women. Let’s talk about each.”

when you didn’t think it can be this bad someone put the . on the i

Mel Stanfill

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